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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Color Me Suprised!

What a nice surprise to come home yesterday to a beautiful bouquet of roses from my favorite Valentine! We shared a nice dinner and enjoyed our evening. In between coming home from work and heading to dinner, the installation man put up our new wood blinds!

Today we ran some errands, and we've been busy with some home improvements, including spackling and sanding where Rob took down the old window treatments and putting new hardware on our kitchen cabinets. The old handles were bronze and, well, gross. We bought stainless ones this morning at a local hardware place going out of business. I removed the old handles and cleaned the fronts of the cabinets while Rob spackled, and then we both put on 23 new cabinet handles and drawer pulls. We are seven into the 33 hinges to be replaced -- that's much tougher! Nonetheless, it's looking sharp in there. Now if only I could get that new dishwasher... :)

Tonight, crispy beef and chicken lomein. Yum! Hope you are having a great Saturday!


Shellie Salza said...

I love projects that make a room feel refreshed! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Happy Valentine's Day!

Andrea said...

Okay, girl. You look like the incredible shrinking woman! How much weight have you lost because you look amazing (and because I think I may have found all of the pounds you've lost on my own hips!).

Kathryn said...

Andrea - thank you for the sweet compliment! I've honestly been working hard, although I've had a major problem this week with M&Ms. :)