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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A New Room!

The sofa is in place... my chair and ottoman are perfect... Rob is nestled in to his leather recliner. Our revamped living room is almost complete!

I've been lobbying for new sofas for a full year, and we finally made it all happen. Everything was delivered week before last, and now our next (and final!) step is to hang the new curtains this weekend. Hooray!

Negotiations were tough. :) Rob agreed to the new furniture as long as he got a recliner out of the deal. I'm generally not a fan of recliners - I think they are big and bulky and not so pretty. But I wheeled and dealed ... I could get my sofas and Rob could get his recliner, as long as I got final veto over the shape, size and color of said piece.

Success! We found a terrific chocolate brown leather recliner that extends an extra 3-inches when reclined - perfect for my 6'5" hubby. And I ended up with a textured chenille couch, chair and ottoman in a khaki/green color. Perfect!

Oh, and during the whole re-do, Rob decided to splurge on a new 50" plasma. We had a few snags in actually getting it home (the box was so big it wouldn't fit in our CRV!), so we ended up renting a pickup truck from Lowe's to bring it home. Now it's all set up and the HD is terrific. Good choice, Rob!

Pictures to follow .... I'm off to sit in my new chair. :)