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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tuesday Top 10

Tuesday Top 10 time again - the weeks just fly! Here's a peek at what I'm thankful for this week...

1. Survival of a day full of meetings. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get some work done!
2. A very relaxing long weekend with Rob at the lake, spending time with both of our families, finishing a good book and daily walks in the mountain air. I couldn't ask for more.
3. Rob's new position within his company - he's happy, and so am I!
4. Listening to sermons online. Our church posts our minister's lessons online, and since we travel so much in the summer, I really like to download and listen during the week.
5. A good dinner tonight - peanut cilantro chicken breasts and snap peas - compliments of Let's Dish. Easy and delicious.
6. A job I really enjoy. I complain about an over-abundance of meetings, but I'm fortunate to do what I love.
7. Knocking out 1.5 miles on the treadmill and clearing my head while I walked.
8. Our repaired room ceiling at the lake cottage. May the third time be the charm! (Rob, his dad and brother-in-law put up some extra supports on the tiles.)
9. The extra 20 minutes I'm getting to sleep in the mornings. Rob's new position is about 10 miles closer to home, so he leaves later in the morning. That means I get to snooze a few minutes longer!
10. Trader Joe's low fat strawberry granola!

Have a good week!