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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday Top Ten

I missed last week's top 10 since I was in NYC for work. Today I'm home sick, so I have plenty of time to do it! Here are 10 little things I'm grateful for today...

1. Since tomorrow is Rob's birthday, today I'm most thankful for my in-laws, who are responsible for his wacky self!
2. Tomorrow is also my brother's birthday, which reminds me to be thankful for my own family.
3. Sinus medication. I've been taking my fill since yesterday, but I'm wondering now if it's allergies acting up. We went out for a walk and I could barely breath. When did I get allergies???
4. Rachael Ray magazine, Paula Deen magazine, Wegman's magazine... I caught up on all of my recipes today since I was home.
5. Rob making our dinner tonight and cleaning up. I was sacked out on the couch. :)
6. The Wicked soundtrack. It came yesterday and I love it.
7. As always, my crazy kitty. She will sit on anything new that appears. If I laid a tissue on the floor, she'd go sit on it. She's currently sitting on the USPS box with Rob's b-day present in it, from my parents. She claimed it as her spot as soon as I set it down. She's a nut.
8. Band-aids. I cut my finger slicing potatoes on Sunday and I have a whopper of a blister on my heel. Band-aids are the only things holding me together.
9. New baby! My friend Heather had their second baby last week and I'm hoping to visit them soon. I'm thankful for a healthy baby for their growing family.
10. Sugar-free fruit popsicles!

Hope you have a great week!


Leann said...

I grew up in Florida and NEVER had allergies. I was a pretty healthy kid. I got sick about once, maybe twice, a year when the weather changed. Then I moved here and developed allergies and started getting sinus infections every three months until I went to an ENT and he determined the right medication for me. Now, I'm back to being sick once, maybe twice, a year.

Funny how that works, but yes, it could be allergies.

Oh...and I love catching up on recipes. I have a whole binder of recipes I pull out of my magazines that I want to try.