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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

33 Things I Love About Rob

Today is Rob's 33rd birthday! In honor of him, here are 33 things I love about my #1:

1. He is funny and has a good time in life. He makes silly jokes and sings in the shower and generally is a happy person. He's helped me lighten up.
2. The boy is a genius and understands things I never will. I hope our kids inherit his smarts!
3. He's close to his family. Its fun to watch Rob play with his younger cousins or tease his Mom and Dad. His family is great and it's fun to be with them.
4. He doesn't ever shut me out -- sometimes I tell him that he talks too much!
5. He's a leader. Rob makes a decision and sticks with it. When we met with our minister before getting married, I cited this as my #1 reason for loving him. It's still true.
6. Rob is thoughtful and checks in on me often. I love getting little e-mails from him during the day.
7. He wants to sit with me on the couch. This might seem silly, but otherwise he'd be sitting in his chair and me in mine. It makes me feel closer to him!
8. He drives (almost!) half of the time, although he can be a grouch about traffic.
9. He's fit and gets us out on walks, on our bikes, etc.
10. He doesn't mind hearing stories about my college days or times before I knew him. Those were some fun memories and I like sharing them with him.
11. He spends time with my family.
12. He has a couple of good friends who, although they don't work together any longer and don't see each other often, he keeps up with via e-mail and the occasional event. Rare for a guy!
13. He wouldn't be praised by Simon Cowell for his vocal abilities, but I love hearing him belt out the hymns on Sunday mornings.
14. Rob's a little predictable. I can almost tell you how he'll react to news, what he'll order at a restaurant, etc.
15. He loves to travel.
16. He's good with money, investments, etc., and has planned for our future (very lucky for Miss Spend It!).
17. He'll help around the house. It may never occur to him to pick up a pile, but he'll pitch in when I ask.
18. He's good at his job and is respected by his co-workers.
19. He carries the laundry basket up and down two flights for me.
20. Grill-master extraordinare.
21. He'll hang out with my friends and effortlessly fits in.
22. Rob's a good cook! He'll take over dinner duty when I'm swamped at work or not feeling well, or sometimes just for no reason at all.
23. He likes spending time together, whether it's a walk, or sitting by the lake in the summer, or going to the grocery store.
24. He's competitive. Good or bad? He's a terrible loser at games, but it's almost funny to me. He definitely plays to win!
25. He'll run upstairs or downstairs to get something for me when I ask... and I do. :)
26. He's the king of vacuuming the steps in our house.
27. He'll figure out the remote controls for me. There are too many and I can't ever figure out how to use the DVD player or switch to or from the Wii.
28. Rob chases around our kitty and is silly when he talks to her. It's so funny to me.
29. Rob is a breakfast food-fiend. He'd have us eating pancakes or waffles or eggs for every meal. It takes work to talk him out of it!
30. Rob puts up with my crazy moods and my sometimes bad attitude.
31. Rob is cautious. He thinks about things before he does them and he considers the outcome before taking action.
32. We are a team. Rain or shine, good days or bad.
33. Rob loves me for me. And I couldn't be happier.

Happy birthday, Rob. I hope we celebrate at least 33 more May 7ths together!


Stephanie said...

That's sweet Kathryn. I'm sure you made Rob's day by that list!

Leann said...

Happy Birthday, Rob!

As the person who sits in front of you at church occasionally, I've never noticed the bad singing. :)

Do you have a single brother? Cause I could totally use a good step vacuumer!

Danna Ramsey said...

My husband and brother also share a birthday. I've always taken that as a good omen! Your hubs sounds fantastic. I'm so very glad that you got a good one. You deserved it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rob! Here's hoping this year is the best yet.

Robin K.

Wongology said...

Happy Birthday Rob! We enjoyed reading the list...very sweet. Jeff can relate to #25. Men who climb up and down stairs for us are the greatest. :-) Nita