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Monday, May 12, 2008

Tuesday Top 10

Tuesday Top 10 time! Here goes...

1. Freshly vacuumed floors, by Rob.
2. A new recipe from the Today Show that we tried tonight - boneless buffalo chicken tenders. Yum.
3. New contact lenses that don't dry out my eyes.
4. A great team at work who all work well together, are pleasant to get along with and crank out some great work. Trust me - this is a rare blessing!
5. Planning a vacation or two... I'm trying to figure out where we should head this summer. Suggestions welcome!
6. Talking to one of my closest friends from home as I drove home from work today. I've known Kelly since I was 3 and we've always been great friends. I was glad to catch up for a few minutes.
7. A nice walk outside tonight and a heart-to-heart with my hubby as we walked. We needed it.
8. Wrapping the birthday present I'm sending to my friend's little girl for her second birthday. I love selecting the perfect gift, wrapping it with a big bow and giving it away!
9. Knowing I only have two days of work left this week. I'm taking off on Friday and can't wait.
10. Strawberries and light Cool Whip!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Leann said...

You have no idea how incredibly rare #4 really is. I know you said it was rare, but really it's astronomically rare.

Yes, I speak from experience of one of those non-rare situations.