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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Top 10

I haven't had much to blog about for the past week. Before I knew it, it was time for the Top 10 again. Here goes...

1. A short week! I'm taking off on Friday, plus it's a long weekend. Can't wait to just relax and be home!
2. Busy work. This week's been nuts, but I'd rather be busy than be bored. Lots of empty check boxes on my "to do" list.
3. Sunny skies. I feel like I moved to Seattle, it's been raining so much! It was pouring when we left for work, but sunny when we got home. We managed to do our walk outside tonight, which I wasn't hopeful for this morning.
4. An easy dinner of leftover lasagna. I wasn't in the mood to cook, and we had some yummy leftovers from the lasagnas I made last week. Wah-lah! Dinner in a jiffy.
5. Knowing I'm going to see a great girlfriend this weekend. She's up from Texas and I can't wait to catch up!
6. Wii Mario Cart. We got this game last week and have been playing non-stop. We used to just play each other, but now we race people from around the world online. It's so fun and a great stress reliever.
7. The Zoe Group CDs I listed to at work today. Uplifting!
8. Spending time with Rob. It's never boring! :)
9. My glasses. I used to be so self-conscious about wearing them and would never be caught dead in them in public. No more - contacts 24/7 are killing me. Maybe I'm getting old?!
10. FiberOne oatmeal/caramel bars!

Have a great week!