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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ready for the Long Weekend!

Today was "Friday" for Rob and me, as we both decided to take off tomorrow (the actual Friday) and extend the long weekend. Whoo hoo!

Our new Friday night tradition is to walk to the shopping center that's about 1.5 miles from our house, eat dinner at one of the many restaurant choices, and then walk home. Somehow that makes me feel better about getting a burger at Five Guys or a burrito at Baja Fresh. :)

Anywhoo, we decided to do it last night too. I had some pants to drop off at the cleaners in the same center, so off we went. About halfway there, it started to rain. I'd taken a windbreaker, but smarty-pants Rob had his fancy Gortex rain jacket. He kept reminding me that it was "impervious" as I continued to get wet. No fair! Luckily, by the time we'd dropped off the cleaning and eaten, the rain stopped and we had an enjoyable walk home.

On to American Idol... I'm so glad that David Cook won! After the performances, I thought for sure that Archuleta was the winner. I just like Cook's style better. I look forward to hearing his music!

Oh, and it's more and more Mario Cart for Rob and me. I think we might need an intervention. I finally beat Rob on a race tonight! (This NEVER happens!)

Enough random thoughts from me. More later!


Stephanie said...

Wahooo! I was so excited David Cook won. I liked the other David but Cook seems like such a nice person. His story is just really neat - going to support his brother for trying out and ended up trying out himself. An unrealized dream - I love it!

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!