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Friday, November 20, 2009

Am I Missing Something?

Are there Twilight fans out there?

Is there something I'm not getting about these books? Should I be reading them? Everyone I know is talking about them. I guess I have a pre-conceived idea that I won't enjoy them, since I don't really like science fiction or fantasy stuff.

Examples: Rob had to draaaaaag me to those Lord of the Rings movies, and I still don't understand The Matrix and think it's probably one of the dumbest movies ever made.

Like me, you are likely seeing stuff everywhere about the new movie coming out. (Or maybe it's already out? I told you I was out of the loop.)

Tell me -- am I missing something???


Robin said...

If you're missing something, I am, too!! But I really have no interest in finding out what it is.


CB said...

Well, they are a little teeny bopper...but also a bit addictive...I have read the series...I read about a novel a day...believe me it won't take you long to read yes, you should, I guess:)

Andrea said...

I'm in favor of you reading them. I read them out of curiosity, and on a dare by one of my college students. :-) But I completely enjoyed them! No they are not high thinking reads, but they are FUN reads. And seriously, they are geared towards 6-8th graders I think so you'll read them quickly. Do it!!

Traci said...

Yes! You are missing something. I, too hated Lord of the Rings, Matrix, really anything fantasy like. I remember seeing the preview for Twilight and thinking- "I will NEVER be interested in THAT!" Then I picked up the book because a good friend urged me to and couldn't put it down. Just start reading one. They are so good!