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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sad Reality

Oh, Jon and Kate, you make me sad.

I enjoyed watching the antics of your crazy family, and although Kate's always been a little harsh (she even made me cringe, which takes a lot!), I thought they were in it for the long haul. They have eight kids! They have a family and a home and a life. Who can just walk away?

I'm a big People magazine reader, so naturally I've read and re-read every J&K interview and story. I'd always thought Jon was just easy-going and fairly nice, but now I see a different side. I see a guy who can't choose to be happy despite all that his life has to offer. I see someone who has given up. I see a guy who just doesn't care anymore. Obviously Kate isn't blameless, but Jon seems to have changed more.

Easy for me to say this since I'm not in their shoes, but if I were, I'd turn off the cameras, kick out the sound crew and try to make it right.


Andrea said...

Absolutely agree on the kicking out the camera crew. I just keep thinking about those poor kids. I'm seeing made-for-tv specials about them in about 10 years. Ya know?