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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I should open a bakery

Bon-bon cookies, baked and iced - check!
Cheese biscuits, baked - check!
White chocolate pretzel cookies, dipped - check!

I think I am ready for tomorrow's baby shower. I've been taking in dishes and platters a few each day, so tomorrow all I need to do is take in the cookies, pick up the cake and decorate. Oh... and keep it all surprise from one of my employees. :)

We are doing a "name that baby" game with other co-workers baby photos, and if I say so myself, those two picture collage boards came out really cute. I didn't want to damage anyone's photo, so I cut some fun scrapbook paper just a smidge larger than each photo, then mounted their photo on the scrapbook paper with those old-fashioned black corner frames. Then, I mounted the completed photo on the posterboard and added a "Who am I" with a number.

Our second game is a match of the celebrity baby/parent. Have I mentioned that I love pop culture? :)

My other team member and I wrapped the group gifts today -- we ended up with a ton of stuff, plus enough for a $75 gift card. Generous co-workers!

I'll let you know how it all tuns out... wish us luck!


Andrea said...

What fun! Love the name that baby games and I would love to see pics of your collages. Sounds super cute.

Robin said...

Who's the baby shower for? Sounds like a really fun one!! Send me some leftover bon-bon cookies. :)


Kathryn said...

We showered one of the girls on my team at work. She was really surprised! And the bon-bons and other goodies were a big hit - they disappeared fast!

Robin said...

Sorry to hear they disappeared so fast...consider posting the recipes when you get time (and can pull yourself away from staring at your new ceiling). :)