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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Good Weekend

We are wrapping up a fun and easy weekend. We didn't do much, but that was a-okay. Rob went into work both Saturday and Sunday, so that gave me some time to hit the Talbots Outlet (everything an extra 40% off!) and run some other errands. We headed to Reston Saturday night for dinner at Jackson's, which is always yummy.

We watched the movie Milk last night, and I was really moved by the story. I didn't know much going in, and the subject matter is a little outside my wheelhouse, but the acting and the story of this activist/peacemaker's life were both really good.

So excited that the Next Food Network Star starts tonight! I would love to be a contestant on this show. :)


Andrea said...

Have you ever had any professional cooking classes, Kathryn? Or are you just a natural at it? I'm always so jealous of your excitement for new recipes and for trying new foods. I'm always so stuck in a food rut!