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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cast Your Cares to the Wind

Or in my case, my cast to the wind. :)

Yesterday was my six-week check-up with the orthopedic surgeon, and he was very pleased with my healing. So much so that he's taken me out of the cast. Wow!

It does feel really strange to not be wearing it, and because of the swelling, I can only get my lovely gray New Balance sneaker on my foot. These are the shoes I was wearing when I fell, so I guess I've come full circle.

Walking is a little awkward and it's still pretty achy, but I'm doing my exercises and am grateful to be on the mend. Thanks to you for your good thoughts along the way!


CB said...

Yay!! Glad you are up and to speak! Hopefully you are on the mend! Now to shave your legs...right??! I broke my ankle once too:) My leg hair seemed so dark and hairy on that leg! Hope you are having a good week!