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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Round-Up

We've had a great time this weekend, and now that it's 8:27 on Sunday night, I'm wishing Monday wasn't coming so fast.

Saturday, we went to Fountainhead Regional Park for a hike and some geocaching, and we ended up going for seven miles. Yikes! It was muddy and we had a few challenges -- I literally had to climb up one hill using my hands to pull myself up, and we had to cross a river -- twice -- where the bridge had washed out. The first time, Rob scooted across a downed tree and climbed up some roots, and I v-e-r-y carefully walked across a submerged log. I had two walking sticks to give me balance on the way across, but one broke about halfway along. I thought I was going for sure going in for a dunk, but gracefully made it across. On the way back, we saw a downed tree across the river, but not submerged, so we went across it. Challenging!

As a reward for our big adventure, we feasted on Ledo's pizza and fancy treats from a new cupcakery.

Today was church, market, laundry, walk, etc. The usual Sunday. We are hosting friends for dinner tomorrow night, so I made lasagna and a chocolate pecan pie. Yum.

Have a great week!


CB said...

That sounds like you all had so much fun!! Girl, you have lost so much weight, tell me your secret!! Please share!! You need to post how you did it and inspire the rest of us!! You look great!