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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye sunshine, hello rainy day

So I am taking a break in between coats of pale gray in my formerly-yellow powder room. As I rolled on the first swath of cool gray, I felt like a rain cloud moving in over a sunny sky. The yellow just isn't the look I'm going for anymore, and with our revamped kitchen and to-be-painted-by-professionals-on-Monday staircase, the powder room needed attention too.

To decorate, I'm moving some things around the house (bringing downstairs a wreath and a fleur di lies frieze) and didn't need to buy much new, other than obviously the paint and a new faucet that Rob's going to install. I'll pick up a new bathrug that goes with the color and wah-lah! New bathroom.

Before cracking into the painting this afternoon, Rob and I did a 3.5 mile hike this morning at Bull Run Mountain. It was a little cool when we headed out, but we warmed up quickly on the uphill start! It was nice to be outside and in the woods. We saw lots of hikers out and on the trails.

Rob is watching Maryland lose in March Madness. Yikes.

Off to change the laundry and check my paint drying! Hope you are having a good weekend -


Robin said...

SO would love to see pics of the new bathroom. Sounds very cool! Give us Before/After fans a bone!