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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Waiting on the Snow

We are supposedly getting snow this evening and tomorrow, and the weather guy this morning said we could get anywhere between four and nine inches. So far we have a skiff and I am watching for the rest to arrive.

This weekend has been pretty easy and fun... we've not done much, other than a little geocaching yesterday afternoon and a free dinner last night. I won a radio contest for dinner for two at a restaurant in Bethesda, so we finally cashed it in. Place was really odd -- we were the ONLY ones there for the majority of the meal, and one other couple finally showed up. Food was actually really good, until we got to the dessert. It was terrible - I think my little chocolate cake had been microwaved, and Rob's cheesecake was blech. Either way, it was still free!

Today was church and laundry and just being lazy. My favorite kind of Sunday.

If you are looking for some good recipes, check out my friend Stephanie's new recipe blog. Good finds!


Phil said...

Free meals... and snow. I'm jealous.