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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Top 10

It's been another week, so here goes my top 10. Is it just me or do the weeks simply fly by??

1. Since this weekend was Father's Day, I am very thankful this week for my great Dad! He's always been there for me, and I appreciate him. A special shout-out to Rob's Dad, too.
2. A clean house, thanks to my hubby who pitched in dusting, vacuuming and picking up, in preparation for a visit by his family this weekend.
3. Cooler temperatures that allowed for a nice walk outside tonight.
4. Dinner last night with a girlfriend who I haven't seen since right before Xmas. We sat and gabbed in the restaurant for 3 hours! I'm sure the waiter wanted us to move on out, but he was great about refilling our water glasses and not rushing us. If you have a Coastal Flats near you, I recommend it!
5. The outpouring of good thoughts and memories of Tim Russert. I've loved watching the clips on NBC and the packages about his life, work and family. He was an amazing person.
6. A great day at work where I checked off many "to do" items. I love getting a job complete... or at least one step closer to completion.
7. Improved stick shift driving! Rob is a good teacher - very patient. I drove this weekend on actual roads... although we were up at the lake and there wasn't another car in sight for miles. :) On the way home, I drove a little while on the interstate. Scary, but successful!
8. Fresh laundry tumbling in the dryer as I type.
9. Time with Rob. I can never have enough! Tonight we were able to walk together, clean up together and eat dinner together. Now we are sitting together, watching "The Mole."
10. Jell-O Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Pudding!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Leann said...

LOVE #10. It's Yummy!!!