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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


A tornado supposedly just went through the town where my office is located. Some co-workers saw it out the window (I was in a meeting in our windowless library - a blessing?). Trees are down everywhere, including one blocking one of the roads to my building.

I popped out of the meeting for a quick second to shut down my computer, and it was pitch black outside with rain pouring down. Now, almost 45 minutes later, it's still really dark, although the winds have died down and I can see some brighter light on the horizon.

Rob was driving home during all of the madness, but he made it home safely. Hope my drive home isn't bad either!


Andrea said...

YIKES! I'm an Oklahoma girl so tornado weather is part of my internal fabric. I grew up watching "storm chasers" on tv. These crazy folks drive INTO the storms and when the tornado heads toward them they say things like, "Oh wow! It's amazing! Look how beautiful it is!"

As an adult, I now realize that they probably need some sort of medication to aid in their affliction, but as a kid I just considered it a normal type of job. Tornados never scared me as a kid. Dad and I would stand out on the back porch and watch the dark clouds and I can remember a time when we literally saw a blasted funnel tossing up dirt in the cow pasture behind our house and my dad calmly said, "Alright, time to head to the cellar." Like, "Alright, who wants a hot dog for dinner?"

Now that I'm a grown up with kids of my own, I have a much more healthy respect for that kind of weather. So... YIKES! I hope you and Rob both made it home okay.

Andrea said...

I just realized that my comment is almost as long as your original post. I think I need to learn to self-edit.