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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rob's Reunion

Rob and the delicious cotton candy
We are back from Rob's reunion, and we had a great time! The turnout was lower than expected, but the guy who planned it did a knock-out job and everyone who was there had such fun. I'm glad we went!

We headed west Friday afternoon and arrived at Rob's parents' in the early evening. I decided to get in a walk, even though it was 95 degrees. I nearly passed out! But I'm glad I did because I ate a lot of junk this weekend. :)

Anyway, there was an ice breaker that night at a local bar, where we'd never been. It was an interesting place.... flippin' hot inside and way too loud. We pulled up outside at the same time as two of Rob's friends and their wives (they don't live too far from us and we see them often), so that was good. We got inside, we signed in, got nametags and started talking to people. There was pretty good attendance there -- and some crazy dancing we did not participate in! -- and Rob and I stayed until a little after midnight.
A few of Rob's classmates from the class of '93
The picnic Saturday was at 11 a.m., so we got up that morning, walked and then I made a pasta salad to take. The temperatures were to be in the mid-90s again, but it didn't seem that bad out! There was a good number of people at the picnic, and the guy who planned it did games for kids, rented a cotton candy machine (yum!) and had it all set up nicely. We hung out for about five hours, played baggo/corn hole, talked to friends and had fun.
Rob and Kathryn at the reunion picnic
Saturday night, we did dinner with the aforementioned friends and wives at Giuseppe's, a favorite of ours. Then we spent some time at a new local restaurant/bar in Frostburg, owned by my parents' neighbors.

This morning, we got up, walked, ate breakfast and headed back home. Overall, it was a great weekend and a fun reunion.


Shellie Salza said...

Careful with the old talk...this is also my 15 year reunion! I didn't even realize it until I saw the pic with Rob's graduation year on it. YIKES!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, no kidding. 1993 was just two years before I graduated! Glad you had fun!

Lauryn said...

Hey!! Great to hear from you! And of course, I remembered you immediately! :)Catch me up on what you have been up to!!

Andrea said...

Wow Kathryn. No wonder you look so amazing. All that exercise in the hot weather!

Glad the reunion went well!

Kathryn said...

Andrea - I literally have to FORCE myself to exercise sometimes. It does not come naturally - especially in the heat! I could have done a small routine on Rob's mom's Wii Fit... if I wanted to look like a total dork in front of everyone. :)

Thanks for the compliment!