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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dinner Out at RWDC

It's Restaurant Week in D.C., which basically means that a bunch of great places have a special menu, with three courses for $35.08 per person. We usually try to go some place that we likely wouldn't normally go, and some place where a three-course dinner would be way higher than 35 bucks. Last time, we went to 1789.

Tonight we went to Oya, based on a recommendation by a co-worker. It was very interesting decor - one wall of chain link; a long fireplace built and flaming along one wall; another wall of silk roses, with a waterfall in the middle. Tres chic.

We met our friends J&N, after we finally found a parking spot on the street and Rob paid the bum manning our corner $2 to "watch the car", or as Rob puts it, "not vandalize the car." We were in a good part of D.C. and wouldn't expect that to happen, but as Rob was examining the parking meter while I parked, the bum started talking to him and, of course, asked for cash. Good thing my hubby had a generous moment!

Anywho, the food was pretty good. For my courses, I had the (appetizer) goat cheese timbale with caramelized apples, Asian greens and walnut vinaigrette; (main course) scallops with pad thai noodles, hen-of-woods mushrooms and truffle jus; and an awesome dessert called "Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate" -- chocolate mousse, hazelnut biscuit and strawberries. Mmmmm. Rob's calamari appetizer looked awesome, as did his filet. We picked the same dessert!

I know lots of cities do Restaurant Weeks - Boston, NYC, Baltimore, Philly, San Diego, Denver, etc. If your city does it, take advantage and treat yourself to a great night on the town.