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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Social Media

Despite your politics, you have to admit that this presidential campaign has taken advantage of social media more than ever. Maybe it's because online networks have exploded during the last couple of years, or politicians are realizing that Gen Y spends more time online - for leisure or work - than watching TV.

Forrester Research says that 72 percent of Gen Y mobile phone owners send or receive text messages, and 42 percent of online Gen Yers watch internet video at least monthly.

In case you haven't heard, Obama is expected to announce his running mate any minute now. And, instead of telling it to Brain Williams or Matt Lauer, he's going to the people first and sending it out via text message. You can be one of "The First to Know" by signing up here. I signed up out of curiosity, just to see how he did it. Of course this means I'll be getting Obama e-mails for the rest of my natural life. :)

John McCain is using online tools too - his online ads are effective and attention-grabbing, and his Web site is full of opportunities to engage.

For me (maybe I'm just a communications nerd), it will be really interesting to see how these two candidates rally and motivate the online world to support them through November and beyond.


Andrea said...

You're definitely a communications nerd... but that is what makes you so rockin' cool.

CB said...

I think it is pretty smart the way they have tapped into using social media for the campaigns. It definately gets the teenagers college students more involved in what is going on in the political arena!! Everyone needs a communications nerd friend!!! :):)

Jenn said...

It always helps to have a communications nerd around the house to get things done!! Hope you get the message soon...I was on a Old Obama list (I'm just nosey and wanted to know things first, too...but it was last year) and it took me almost a year to get OFF the list!!
Oh, and I love your Bar-B-Q was great! Thanks for sharing!!