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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eat My Words

Believe it or not, my treadmill is fixed. The oh-so-friendly repairman called to tell me he was here--not that he would be here in 30 minutes, as promised. To boot, he yelled it me like it was my fault he didn't call! Regardless, I hopped out of work, came home (Rob came too, given the gracious history we have with this company), let him in and he did his thing.

He wasn't pleased that as soon as he turned the treadmill on, AJ the cat hopped up to walk. He yelled, "Down cat!" and pushed her with his foot. Easy, repairman. I picked her up and put her in the bedroom downstairs. Probably should have done that as soon as I got home, but honestly, what can a cat do to him?

I'm glad it's fixed and am off to walk on it now -- hope I don't see any error codes!


Andrea said...

Bleh and double blehgggg on mean ol' repairmen! We got a new kitty this week! :-)