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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Day Off!

I am excited that I have tomorrow of to recognize President's Day. The only bummer is that Rob doesn't get the day off. When his company was purchased by another about two years ago, they lost a few holidays, including this one. So I'll be up early with him anyway - no sleeping in for me! ;)

Since I have the day to myself, I've scheduled a pedicure and plan to just do some things around the house. My parents are coming to visit next weekend, so I need to make the guest bedroom up and take care of a few things.

Last night we got together with about 12 friends, and we had a great time! Our friends Jeremy and Nicole hosted the get-together, and Nicole whipped up a delicious meal of ziti, roasted peppers and sausage, salad and bread. We had a terrific time just hanging out in their adorable townhouse in Alexandria. I love that neighborhood.

Better wrap this up - we are watching the finale to American Gladiator and Rob is cheering at the TV!


Danna Ramsey said...

Kathryn! so glad to hear from you. Will have to do a bit more perusing of your blog to find out all the answers to my millions of questions: What do you do? How did you meet Rob? When did you get married? etc. etc. BTW the picture is fantastic! Danna