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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Home for the Weekend

This has been a relaxing weekend! It's the first one that we've actually been home in a month, so that makes it especially nice. Plus, I had the bonus flex day on Friday so it's been like a three-day weekend for me.

Friday was a great day for running errands and getting the house ready for our guests Friday evening. Tortilla soup, a Mexican salad and homemade guacamole were on the menu. Mmmmmm. We played spades and talked and had a great time.

The rain from Hurricane Hannah started last night and continued through this evening. It finally tapered off around 6 p.m., and Rob ventured out to pick us up some dinner. He's been wanting to try the McDonald's southern chicken sammy for weeks, but I've been resisting out of my loyalty to Chick-Fil-A. A BOGO coupon came yesterday in the mail, so I caved. Verdict? Not as good as CFA, but okay.

Now we are watching some more college football (what's wrong with WVU?) and just hanging out. I managed to do five loads of laundry today-whew.

Oh, and I'm writing this blog on my new laptop! Since I've been doing a lot of work from home, we decided to get a laptop that I can load up with graphics programs and other work-related loot. Plus, Rob and I can surf the Web in the same room (as we are doing now). Bonus- it's green!

Tomorrow is church and the market and a nap! Hope you have a great weekend -


Leann said...

I was initially skeptical of the McDs chicken sandwich because of my loyalty to Chick-fil-a. But I was pleasantly surprised. Not as good as CFA, but still good. I decided it would work in a pinch on those Sundays when you want CFA and they're not open.