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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Weekend Down

This weekend has been easy and relaxing. We haven't done much, which is a nice change.

Last night we had dinner at Eat Bar, the casual, "gastro pub" part of Tallulah in Arlington. Rob had been there before with a buddy, and I'd been wanting to go since Washingtonian magazine said they had one of the best burgers around.

The decor is cool - old lights from a church, cozy booths, chalkboards above the bar with specials and drinks. And the food was good too. The only really weird thing is the service and how they bring out the food. Basically, there's no rhyme or reason to it... my salad and onion rings came out together, my burger a few minutes later, and Rob's meal showed up 10 minutes after that. The waitress told us "as the food is ready, it comes out," but we thought our main meals would at least come together! Really not a big deal, since we'd already planned to split the burger and share Rob's hanger steak, but just a little odd. The onion rings were excellent!

We ended up running our errands on the way home from dinner, getting groceries for the week and picking up some stuff at Target. That meant that today, we only had church and time at home. I love lazy Sundays filled with Redskins football ... and the SNL premiere we Tevoed and are watching right now. Phelps didn't do too bad, and Tina Fey is always a hoot.

Hope you are having a great week!