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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feeling Better

We are both feeling better after a day of rest for Rob, and day 2 of the Z-pack for me. Hopefully we are on the mend!

Did you get your free Baja Fresh burrito today? Free coupon for any burrito with the purchase of a drink is floating around Facebook. We cashed ours in tonight for a cheap dinner -- less than $3 for both of us!

I had my fourth physical therapy appointment today, and it continues to help. I did some of the same exercises and worked with the therapist, and today I added two new exercises involving the steps. Going down stairs is one of my toughest things, so hopefully I'll get the hang of moving my foot forward like I need to and will cease to be the clumperama that I am today. :)

It feels much later than 6:46 p.m.... this has obviously been a long day.