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Sunday, October 12, 2008

When life hands you lemons...

... make lemon trifle. Huh?

My cooking experiences this weekend have been a disaster. I don't know if it's just because I'm hurried and am not paying attention, or if I'm trying random substitutions in an effort to reduce fat and calories. Either way, it ain't working.

Our Sunday pot roast ended up a little too much like stew, thanks to me adding an extra can of broth (not paying attention). Not that pot roast stew is bad (it tasted great!), but it's just not what I had in mind.

The chocolate angel food cake was a total mess. First, I forgot to put the cocoa in the cake. So I figured instead I'd just do a regular cake with chocolate icing. But I bought light cream instead of whipping cream, and it wouldn't whip at all. It made a lovely chocolate cream sauce, but no where near frosting. Sometimes saving calories doesn't help!

So, I cut up the baked angel food cake, whipped up a pudding/cream cheese/lemon yogurt mixture and diced up some strawberries. Wah-lah! Lemon strawberry trifle. (I found the recipe online - if it's tasty, I'll share it!)

Maybe this week's cooking adventures will be better...


Andrea said...

It's my fault. I jinxed you with my covetous thoughts of angelfood and chocolate. I've made a similar type trifle with angelfood cut up in a bowl and then layers of strawberry yogurt mixed with Cool whip and strawberries. Super YUM. It's actually Mike's favorite summer dessert. We do it a lot when strawberries are fresh and cheap. And I do remember the days before kiddos. I think it's great that you and Rob are taking the time to enjoy each other!

Robin said...

Hey, I'm just impressed at your creativity! Way to go.

I thought only moms of young children frequented Chick-fil-A. Knowing that cool people go there as well makes me feel so much more hip!!


CB said...

You have won and award..check out my blog.:)