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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hikers Are We

This morning we headed about 25 miles south to hike at Wildcat Mountain. Thankfully we didn't see any wildcats!

We chose the 2.9 mile loop (there is a 5.6 mile loop too), and the first half-mile was a pretty tough uphill section. No scrambling or rock climbing, just up up up at a pretty steep angle. We saw a few deer and squirrels on the way. We'd packed a picnic lunch, and stopped at Bull Run Park for lunch. Rob proposed at this same park during a picnic three years ago last week!

We just enjoyed some Ledo's pizza and are watching the Maryland football game. Go Terps!


Andrea said...

Sounds like a really great weekend. I'm so glad you and Rob do such fun activities on your weekends. Mike and I also did the fun weekender trips back in the pre-kiddo days and we both cherish those times now. It's an awesome way to build you relationship and to strengthen your marriage.

And you look so healthy and fit!

Shellie Salza said...

You look like a natural born hiker! Glad it was fun.

Your mouthwash comment cracked me up. Maybe if I work on it now I'll break Adison of it before his wife comes along so she won't have to invest in Shout sticks! Have a great week!