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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lowes in-store pickup leaves something to be desired

So I ordred a Dremel multi-tool from Lowes yesterday and selected in store pickup at my local store. First thing that is a little unsettling - the store itself doesn't e-mail you to confirm they have the item ready, you are referred to a pickup schedule which basically tells you the item will be waiting 2 hours after you get the order confirmation e-mail. This didn't fill me with confidence, so I waited a full day before heading over.

The item was waiting for me, but the customer service lady didn't actually ask to see my photo ID or the credit card used to make the purchase like the site indicated. Instead she just asked for my phone number, had a guy bring it out from the back, printed out a sheet, and had me sign it. So if you know the phone number of someone who makes an online in-store pick up order at Lowes, just head over and help yourself!

A bonus is that the security alarm went off when I left the store. Just a few days ago K and I saw that happen at Tower Records and the guy of course looked around all bewildered for an employee to check his receipt and/or tell him to just go through. I told K something along the lines of "You don't need to stop just because some machine starts beeping at you. If an employee asked me to stop I would, but I'm not some animal trained to sit at the sound of a buzzer." So I got to put that in practice today as I didn't even break stride on the way out the door to my car. It's the little things, really. (I imagined a few old ladies gasping and pointing, but that's probably just wishful thinking.)

But the big news here is I finally have a Dremel multi-tool! Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with it... Maybe I could "customize" K's Longaberger?


Kathryn said...

Yes, please! I think our monogram would look lovely on several baskets. :) And maybe you could etch the $300 trashcan, too.