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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New House!

Now that we'd found a place to move and all of the kinks had been worked out of the deal, we began the looooooong task of packing. My goal was to pack a few boxes every night, so that in the end, we wouldn't be rushed with trying to fill boxes at the last minute. I'm glad we stuck to the plan, because even with all the time we had, we still seemed busy busy busy.

Our first decision was that we needed to hire movers. Our friends will no longer schlep couches for free pizza, and our bedroom furniture and living room stuff were way too massive to move on our own. We interviewed three companies and chose one to do the work. BTW - moving is expensive.

We decided to move some stuff on our own, like our china and lamps. I figured if the china got busted, I'd have nobody to blame by myself. And, the movers charge $35 per lamp to box it up and move it, so we figured we could save some money there. We got the keys to the house on Sunday, moved small stuff all week long, and the movers took almost nine hours to pack the truck, drive to the new place, unpack and set stuff up the following Friday.

I'm glad we weren't doing it. I was exhausted just watching them!

During the week before we moved in, we also had some painting done and I replaced all of the liners in the kitchen drawers and on the pantry shelves. We ordered a new refrigerator and figured out what was going to go where.

We've been in now for a little more than two weeks. We are still unpacking stuff, but it's livable and we are really liking it! Our parents came down last weekend to see it -- we are glad they did!

I'll post a picture or two when we are all set up and there aren't moving boxes lining each wall. Thanks for reading along!


Robin said...

How wonderfully exciting! I can't wait to see it...I know from previous posts what awesome taste you have. :)