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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moving On....

... to a new house! Yep, that's what's kept me too busy to faithfully blog the last few weeks. We are up to our ears in cardboard boxes and newspaper, and every afternoon and evening has been devoted to packing up our lives into approximately 150 boxes.

Let's start at the beginning.....

Last November, we started talking about whether or not it was a good time to look for a larger house. Our townhouse is terrific (and the location can't be beat), but we definitely could use more closet space, a bigger kitchen, a two-car garage, etc.

And, since interest rates are low and housing prices have dropped (although they are still RIDICULOUS in the D.C. area), we thought the timing was right. The only catch would be selling our place. We've had friends who have had condos and houses on the market for weeks and months, so we were a little hesitant.

Our first step was to meet with our realtor (the lady who helped us find the townhouse) to see what she thought we needed to do to our place to make it the most attractive to buyers and what was available on the market in our price range. We ended up visiting about five or seven houses in December, just to have a feel for what was out there.

In January, we decided to test the waters and put our house on the market. Our house really was in good shape, so we only had to do some general clean-up and pack up a few boxes of stuff. We went live on the market on Friday, January 29.

We got two offers on Saturday, January 30.


We had about 15 people come look at the house and got a total of four offers. One dropped out at the last minute, so we had three to choose from. We couldn't believe it!

Next up: our house search. To be continued!


Traci said...

Lucky!! It took us 8 months to sell our house! I can't wait to see the house you are going to move into. :)

Andrea said...

Wow! That is so incredible, Kathryn. Very exciting. Keep us posted1

Robin said...

Exciting stuff! I look forward to reading all about the adventure!!