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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What will people remember?

I've been really moved during the last few weeks by Jenny's story. I didn't know Jenny or anyone in her family, but we have friends in common and the news about her sickness has infiltrated circles in blogland and Facebook.

Jenny died this week following a two-week battle with sepsis, which developed from a strep infection. Her family and friends are crushed, naturally, and she leaves behind a husband and young daughter. She was my age.

My age. How could someone my age pass away from such an illness? How does this happen a healthy, happy wife and mom?

In reading about Jenny on friends' blogs, it's evident that she was a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. She put others before herself and was the kind of friend a friend would like to have. I'm 100% sure she wasn't perfect, yet the joy in her heart is obvious in her photos and in her own words.

That's what people will remember about Jenny. They'll remember the happiness. The love. The JOY.

It got me to thinking: if the unimaginable suddenly happened, what would people remember about me? Would they remember times of laughter? Years of good and loyal friendship? Cheerfulness in times of trial?

Or would they remember hurtful words said in haste, or moments when I didn't have time to be a friend?

I want to live the kind of life that lets people remember me with joy, too.

Jenny, you'll be missed by many, but the story of your life has made a difference to at least one.


Andrea said...

Kathryn, I could not have said this better. I've been dwelling on similiar ideas this week. Jenny was our preacher's (Josh Ross) sister. We've had the updates as this has progressed, and I"m just shocked and so hurting for Josh and his wife Kayci. But the life that Jenny led must have been filled with grace and goodness and I want mine to be the same way. By the way, you WILL be remembered as a fun and intellectual friend with a heart for the Lord in my memory book.

Jenn said... are right on! I didn't know her either, but after the past few weeks, I've felt such a connection. When I got the e-mail that she had passed, I was just so sad.
This is a great post. I want people to remember me with joy, too. Thanks for the reminder.

erinlo said...

My thoughts have been very similar, Kathryn! There is something about her life that wanted me to change mine. Perhaps it is the Spirit and I pray that He will, also, work through me. Bless you, Kathryn!

Robin said...

Beautifully said, Kathryn. She must have been a wonderful woman because she touched so many of us...even if we didn't know her!