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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Toast Tips?

I am the Matron of Honor (doesn't matron sound sooooooo old??) in a wedding this November, so I have the honor of making a toast to the bride and groom.

Do you have any tips? Any good dos or don'ts? Heard any good toasts I could poach? (kidding!)

At our wedding, Tessa's (the MoH) toast was sweet, and Dave's (the BM) toast was funny. Can I be a little entertaining??

Advice welcome!


CB said...

Yes, entertaining, but tasteful and warm respects.:)

Andrea said...

Seems like the best toasts include a memory and a warm sentiment for the future. Maybe something you and she did together as friends? Or the first time she talked about him to you? Or how she told you they were engaged? I don't know! But I know you'll do great. You are a wordsmith, after all. :-)

Robin said...

I agree with Andrea...I know you'll do great. I also like the idea of a memory of yours with the bride that includes the groom.