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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Xmas Shopping!

We've been working fast and furious to wrap up all of our Christmas shopping. I think we are doing pretty good - about 80% is wrapped and ready to go, with only a few things left to be bought.

Rob's been bugging me about what I would like... and I don't really have a good answer! Goodness knows I don't really need anything at all, so I've been trying to think of some stuff I would like to have, since he's going to end up getting me something.

So far, I've said I'd like a watch (check! We picked it up last week.) and some Lock-and-Locks (like tupperware, but better). Last night I said I'd like an iPod Nano, which I was serious about but I don't think Rob thought I was! I love the little green ones, or red.

For Rob, I have a pretty good collection of stuff. The only thing he knows about is a suit, which of course he had to pick out and try on. The rest of the goodies should be surprises for him.

I love this time of year!