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Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Eve Eve

Today has been a great day! We just wrapped up a yummy dinner of cheese fondue (with granny smith apples, rosemary bread and sauteed mushrooms) and roasted red potatoes, and now we are watching the Redskins wrap up a 27-6 victory over Dallas. Hooray!

And - my favorite! - I had a loooong nap this afternoon after we got home from church. Rob made us lunch, and I crashed on the couch. He was downstairs playing his Xbox, so it was nice and quiet for me. :)

On Friday night, Rob's dad called to say that they all planned to come down to his cousin Alicen's basketball game on Saturday, so we got to see all of his family again yesterday. Carrie and Matt stayed the night with us and left this morning. Alicen's team won, and she played great! After the game, we all went to Red Robin for burgers and fries.

Only two more days of vacation for us... tomorrow night we are headed out for NYE dinner and will be home early to avoid all of the crazies on the road. Happy new year!