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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Scored MD - Duke tickets!

It was for the women's game, though. Not nearly as hard to get your hands on as the men's ticket for this match up, but still a sell-out crown nonetheless. Dad actually bought a mini-season pack of 4 tickets to ~4 games, so he took Kathryn and I to this one. The women's games are a lot of fun to catch if you go to a game with a large crowd and a decent opponent. We took in another game earlier this year with a small crowd and a crappy team that Maryland pulled away from early in the 1st bit of the game. I'm not kidding they had a double digit lead about 5 minutes in and it never got down to single digits again. Yawn.

Duke ended up winning, but it was a semi-close game. Duke's #10 pretty much dominated. Saw a clip of the end-game the next day and Brenda (MD's coach) said if she doesn't get POY something is wrong. My expert opinion (based on watching 2 or 3 women's games this year) is that I'd have to agree.