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Monday, February 26, 2007

Rubik's Cube

I've wanted a Rubik's Cube since a little before Christmas and a slick deal that popped up online Saturday got my interest ratcheted up a notch. I missed that deal, but picked one up at Wal-
Mart later that day.

I read a beginner's guide to solving the cube a few months ago (the reason for my interest) but Hasbro actually includes a pretty nice illustrated guide in the packaging these days. The last step looks hairy until you get it completely finished - it pretty much looks like the cube is completely jumbled again - and I actually thought I had messed it up beyond saving the first time I went through the solution! But the next time I read that step more carefully and realized I simply had a few repetitions of the algorithm left to work through. So, I managed to solve the cube for the first time in my life! Albeit referencing the printed solution each step of the way. I think if I memorized the steps I could probably get down to 2-3 minutes per solution. The best I did yesterday was 7 minutes.

There are people that can solve the cube in well under a minute. I believe the world record is actually ~11 seconds. But they memorize 50+ algorithms for many different positions/situations. Don't think I have the time or desire to get to that level. Although it would be cool to get to the point that I can solve one in under 10 minutes without needing a guide for reference.