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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Holiday Wrap Up

I've been slacking on posting on the blog, since Rob and I took off from work this week and there's been much to occupy my time. We had a nice holiday visiting with both of our families and friends.

Among our top favorite gifts was a food processor. Rob's delighted that I can now make a pie crust from scratch, and he used it last night to slice up the onions for his famous French Onion Soup. Both were delicious!

Unfortunately, I irritated my sciatica a few days before Christmas and it's only gotten worse (maybe I shouldn't have been moving heavy boxes or a dresser, but whatever). Anyway, it was so awful yesterday that I went to urgent care, they xrayed to make sure that a bulging disc wasn't pressing on any important nerves, put me on some muscle relaxers and pain killers and ordered me to rest. That is VERY tough for me! But here I am, sitting on the bed with my lazy cat and trying my best not to think about everything that is unaccomplished around here....

Hope your holidays were happy!


Robin said...

Are you better???


Andrea said...

Icky on the nerve pain. Been there, and it's not fun. Not a great way to end the holiday. Are you back at work and feeling better? By the way, the flip camera thing is awesome and I love the wee little movie!