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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

In case you haven't seen the news, it's hot everywhere. The weatherman on channel 4 today said to expect heat indexes of 115 degrees, with actual temps around 102. Yick.

Lucky for me, my office is always freezing. Seriously, I could have worn a sweater today and been comfortable - if not a little chilly - inside. But I'm wearing short sleeves and am most definitely cold. I even ate soup for lunch! I guess I should be grateful I'm not outside instead!

Rob and I are always at odds about the thermostat, bed blankets, car temperatures, etc. I'm always cold.... he's always hot. Unless I'm warm... then he's cold. I will literally FREEZE in the car sometimes - I turn off all of my vents and put on a cardigan, and he's feeling just fine. At night, I like to get under the bed blankets and warm up, but he declares that it's too hot and kicks them off. What a nut. ;)