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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Matt and Carrie came down for a visit this weekend and brought their new Wii with them! I've wanted to check one out since it launched, so I was pretty excited. Matt had two of the controllers (motion sensing remotes), Wii Sports, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and Warioware Smooth Moves.

Warioware was crazy fun, although (like most of the other games in the series) probably kind of short ultimately. Raving Rabbids had a really cool light-gun style mode where you are shooting plungers at the rabbids. (Yeah It's a strange game.) But we spent most of the time playing Wii Sports. Bowling was the winner from the set of games, although Tennis and Golf are also good ones. The bowling is pretty amazing. You hold the remote like a bowling bowl and go through the real bowling motion. You can even put spin on the ball by twisting your wrist as you 'throw'. And of course the speed at which you swing your arm determines the speed of the ball.

But now Matt and Carrie have left (for Mom and Dad's) and I'm in Wiithdrawal! (See what I did there?)


Kathryn said...

I loved playing the Wii! My favorite games were the golf and the bowling - both were very realistic and fun. Playing the Wii was wiitastic!